What are disputes and chargebacks?


What is a dispute or a chargeback?

It is a transaction reversal and occurs when a buyer requests the return of funds from a purchase to his financial institution.

What should I consider before opening a dispute?

Many online buyers often decide to start a dispute without taking into consideration the time and bureaucracies that a chargeback entails.

Opening a dispute will lock your Rebtel account until the case is resolved. You might also experience payment issues on online platforms. All payments and disputes are tracked by online payment providers. 

If you experience issues with payment or any of our products please do not hesitate to contact our customer support. You can do this by clicking on "Contact our team" at the end of any FAQ article. or you can also send us an email at support@rebtel.com.

Things to consider when starting a dispute:

  • A chargeback is a legal process that can take up to 90 days. The period depends on the financial institution.
  • For security reasons, your access to your Rebtel account will remain restricted until the case is resolved.
  • A chargeback must include correct and justified evidence from both parties.
  • The funds will not be deposited until the financial institution decides that one of the parties is right. Payments considered by a customer as "unauthorized" or "unfair" must comply with Rebtel's refund policy and Terms of service.

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