My card connected to Rebtel has been compromised.

If you believe that your card has been used without your permission, please report it to your bank immediately to prevent further "questionable" use.

A few reminders...

  • Please check if any of your family members has used your card prior reporting it to your bank.
  • Never share your card information to ANYONE or in ANY WEBSITE that seems suspicious. If you are unsure, just don't do it.

If this event would lead to payments towards Rebtel being disputed, you would receive an email from us advising you that your account has been locked for security purposes. 

What is a dispute?

A dispute occurs when a cardholder contacts their card issuing bank and demands to have their money returned. Disputes are a feature of the Visa, Mastercard and American Express card networks intended to protect cardholders from fraudulent activity.

Disputes may arise for a number of reasons including:

  • Not as described, where the cardholder claims to have never received the goods, or the goods were materially different from their expectations.
  • Not recognised, where the cardholder has no recollection of what a charge in their bank statement relates to.
  • Fraud, where the cardholder claims they did not authorize the purchase (e.g. their card information was stolen and used fraudulently).
  • Admin error, such as duplicate billing, incorrect amount billed or a refund which was promised but never received.

VERY IMPORTANT: For transactions that you do not recognize , "not as described"  and/or Admin error, please contact instead of filing a dispute. This way we can settle your issue with us faster, smoother and hassle-free.

What do you need to do if your Rebtel account has been locked due to a payment dispute?

  • Please contact your bank and cancel your dispute against Rebtel. 
  • Ask for a letter from the bank confirming that your payment dispute against Rebtel has been cancelled. 
  • Send an email to our Customer Support team with your letter of dispute cancellation attached.
  • Kindly include your number registered with Rebtel and a copy of your valid ID  so we can validate ownership of the account and card.

This process needs to be done as filing a dispute is a legal complaint against the merchant and most likely against fraudulent activities. We take extra lengths to protect our users from fraudsters and scammers so we want to let you know that we take these very seriously. 

Our Customer Support team will be happy to help you sort things out as soon as we can!

If no payments towards Rebtel would be affected and you just want to change / update your card in your account... click here for instructions.

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