Why was I charged?

We will never charge you without your consent.

However, if you are paying for a lot of different services at the same time, it is good to be able to check what you've signed up for. That is why Rebtel offers two automatic payment functionalities. 


Automatic Payments

Rebtel has two automatic payment systems for your convenience, depending on whether you are using a subscription or world credits to call. 


You have an active subscription

If you have purchased one of our subscriptions, you will be charged automatically every 30 days unless you cancel the subscription. You can cancel or re-activate this option at any time from our website or from the app.

To get instructions on how to do this, take a look at our article How do i cancel my subscription? or reach out to our support at support@rebtel.com. Support can deactivate it for you, but cannot reactivate it for you. 


We also have an upgraded feature in our Mobile Top-Up (MTU) services. As a valued subscriber, you now have the option to opt for our new automatic functionality for your MTU transactions. This enhancement aims to simplify your billing process and ensure uninterrupted service while reducing the hassle of manual payments.


By enrolling in our auto-payment service, your monthly MTU usage fee will be automatically deducted from your registered payment method on the scheduled date, eliminating the need for you to initiate individual payments each week or month. This convenient feature allows you to enjoy our services without worrying about missed payments or service interruptions.


To get instructions on how to enroll or cancel the MTU subscriptions, please look at our article How to buy Credit MTU subscription.


You have auto top up enabled on your account

If you selected the Auto Top Up option when purchasing your World Credits you will be charged 10 USD when your credit is less than 1 USD. You can turn this option on or off at any time, in the app and on the website.

To get instructions on how to do this, take a look at our article What is auto top-up? or reach out to support at support@rebtel.com



Other Unrecognized Payments

The following scenarios describe user behavior that can lead to unrecognized charges.

Opening multiple accounts

If you have created a new account after getting, for instance, a new phone number, it is possible that your old account is still active and with an active subscription which has renewed automatically. If you reach out to our support team at support@rebtel.com we will cancel the subscription for you. If it has not been used at all we will refund you, and cancel the account.

Please keep in mind that you can have up to five different phone numbers registered to the same account, so if you are acquiring a new phone number, you can simply add it to your existing account by following these instructions.


Sharing payment details with friends and family

If you've shared your payment details with your friends and family and they have used your card to pay for Rebtel products please contact support@rebtel.com. We will need you to prove that you are the owner of the card, and will then be able to remove your payment information from the account.

To prove ownership of your card please send a PDF copy of your bank statement with all sensitive information removed to the support. We do not need your personal details, please do not send them to us. We only need to see the last four digits of the card, the Rebtel payment, and the type of card. 

Please do not share your credit card information with your friends and family. The responsibility for what your friends and family do with your credit card information will fall on you, as the card owner, and you will be affected by the consequences of their actions including charges on your card that you do not recognize. 

Sharing Rebtel login information with friends and family

If you have shared your Rebtel login information with friends and family they will have the same access to your account that you have. This means that, if you have your credit card linked to your account, they can make purchases or trigger Auto Top Ups if it is enabled on your account without your express permission. Rebtel accounts were not designed to be shared, therefore, allowing a family member to access aspects of your account is not possible.

If you wish to take the risk of sharing your account with friends and family against our sincere recommendation not to, please do not do so over social media. Call the person on the phone and make sure that the person asking for your details is in fact the person you know, and not someone who has obtained access to their social media account in an illegal manner. We cannot protect your account if you share access to it. 

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